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What is the upside of the writer´s life?

You Are In Charge

Striking out and becoming principally a writer makes every workday yours. As you strive toward “getting paid' to write screenplays, you can make money as a freelance writer in print and on the Internet (but be sure to learn all you can about the business of freelancing), or get a low-stress part-time gig to pay the bills. Each frees you to spend more time writing screenplays.

How do I stay focused on my writing?

You Are Responsible

Being a professional writer means writing daily (or as close to daily as possible for you). It requires managing time the best you can as a creative person. And it demands you find ways to make money (hopefully with your writing). Writing for a living can be a struggle, but developing good work habits and believing in yourself help tremendously.

What is the upside of the writer´s life?

The Dream

If you long to spend your average day in an above average way writing screenplays, start today. Do not assume that only those getting paid to do it can live the dream of screenwriting. You must first begin. Write. Live your dream!

How do I stand up for my art?

Writing's No Hobby!

Pursuing your art can limit your income—though hopefully only in the early stages. While you need to be responsible and thus perhaps move toward earning money from your art, you also need support from people who “get it” (that you are a talented—let's hope—driven writer). Never let anyone call writing your “hobby”. Gravitate toward people who can be supportive of artists. You will find it helps your art tremendously.

How do I write everyday?


Most people procrastinate. The rest fascinate. Sadly, not everyone who greets today will rise tomorrow—and we haven't control over every variable that affects whether we live another moment. Edward Young wrote, “Procrastination is the thief of time.” Use your time wisely and do whatever you can today to advance your screenwriting career. Resist procrastination always.

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