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An agent has asked me to write a "Blurp/Logline" about my screenplay. What is a Blurp/Logline?

Writing a Logline

A logline is a 25 word or less description of a script. Loglines are an important marketing tool. They are used in query letters, at pitch festivals, in competitions, and even in social situations to entice agents, producers and other professionals to request the script.

Your logline should capture what's unique and interesting about your movie. For example, "A true story about the first female pilot." is a good logline. It tells us what's unique, and we immediately start imagining a movie. "A boy goes on a treasure hunt--and discovers a murder." is another example.

Writing a logline can be challenging. Start by reading the short movie descriptions in TV Guide for some ideas. If you do a Google search on "loglines," you'll find plenty of resources to help point you in the right direction.

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