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What shows may educate me about screenwriting?

Page to Screen

Bravo—the cable channel—has a new show on air (as of October 28, 2002) that is relevant to probably any screenwriter—especially those interested in adapting books. It is called Page to Screen. The first episode—hosted by Peter Gallagher (Bob Roberts and Sex, Lies, and Videotape)—documented bringing The Silence of the Lambs to life on celluloid. Additional episodes look at Jaws, The English Patient, and Get Shorty, among others. Wednesday nights at 7!

How do I add direction to dialog?

Northampton Independent Film Festival

In the northeastern U.S., the Northampton Independent Film Festival (NIFF) is revered and very accessible. Whether you would but be in the audience, help stage the next annual go-round, or submit a film, NIFF is worth your time. Volunteers can score screening passes.

2002's schedule included a screenwriting panel discussion with writers who work for Hollywood but live near Northampton (in Massachusetts).

Where do writers hang out?

You have probably heard about, but in case you have not, check it out! Founded by Kevin Spacey, the site is a community for aspiring filmmakers and screenwriters. There, participants critique each other's work. Spacey's prodco (Trigger Street Productions) keeps a close eye on works on the site--with the intention to promote and produce unique works from passionate creators. Maybe one of those passionate creators is you.

What shows may educate me about screenwriting?


Much acclaim has circulated about Monk—since mid-2002. But in case you haven't, watch Monk! Tony Shalhoub stars as “the defective detective” on USA Network, Fridays at 10:00 P.M. The show gives the obsessive compulsive someone to relate to in the quirky, highly perceptive Monk character, and gives screenwriters weekly examples of unexpected, yet inevitable resolutions. Though the first season aired its finale on USA in October, those episodes are getting a second run on ABC, Mondays.

Where else can I learn more about screenwriting?

Screenwriters Monthly

The founder and editor of, Christopher Wehner, offers a new magazine for screenwriters. Screenwriters Monthly focuses on the advancement of screenwriting. Unlike many screenwriting publications, this new kid on the block is published monthly (as the title says). Go to for subscription information.

How do I write a logline?

The Construction of a Logline

On, International Creative Management's Story Editor Christopher Lockhart has posted his how-to article on writing a logline. You can use the information in his article to help sell your script. You will need to join TwoAdverbs to access “The Construction of a Logline”, but the article is worth your while.

Where can I find exposure for my writing?

If you want exposure for your writing and you have a little time to devote to the effort, join In August 2003, Helium started a new screenwriting contest based on a comparison system (A vs. B), as opposed to a scalar rating system. What's more, the participants are the judges.

Skeptical? Read about Helium's fraud safeguards.

If you join, good luck!

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