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How do I harness creativity?

Comes and Goes

Creativity creeps and streams as it will—its own schedule it desires. Such erratic behavior from the artist's juice can frustrate any writer. Don't be passive with creativity. Do whatever you find that works to make yourself write—creatively—each day (and without chemicals—the goal is sustained creativity).

How do I harness creativity?

Habits Are Important

Avoidance of writing can be subtle. Work on your habits to write more regularly. Cast off any habits that get in the way of productivity (and thereby creativity). Consider forming specific (healthy) habits that will make daily creative writing easier for you.

What is important to remember regarding creativity?

Creativity Enriches

Society encourages conformity. As a creative person, you will likely wilt if you conform too much. Life places demands on every person. Overcome them with your creativity, not through conformity. You will be enriched—perhaps discovering great story subjects—and you just might get rich, too.

What is important to remember regarding creativity?

Paying Rent

Money matters trouble most people—especially non-affluent creatives. Worrying about money squelches creativity. Not worrying about money when necessary can do the same in the long run. Harness your creativity for success.

How do I harness creativity?

Sleep Sufficiently

It's not news. We function better rested. Resist the urge to write well past when you would normally go to bed. Whatever you gain tonight, you will probably pay back double tomorrow, thanks to sluggishness. Find sleep to find creativity (and maybe your next ten pages).

How do I harness creativity?

Put Creativity on a Schedule

Sure, creativity wants to do its own thing. That's its essence. Try to put it on a schedule. Plan to write everyday. If you have a day job, set aside a block of time before or after work—a block during which you are only allowed to write. When you write everyday, precious creative juices flow more readily.

What is important to remember regarding creativity?

Your Unique Perspective

It has been said that there is always one more way to do something. Yours!

That statement does not mean that your unique perspective is a waste, though. Harness your creativity—your unique perspective—and you will at least be very pleased with your writing (and the amount you write).

How do I harness creativity?

Avoid Idea Rot!

Ever get an exceptional idea for a pivotal scene while shopping for cumquats? (Ever shop for cumquats?) Did you write it down before it mutated (to something undesirable), withered, or evaporated? Avoid idea rot! Tote pen and paper (or PDA) wherever. When creativity comes without considering your convenience, write down what comes. And right away!

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