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Will I get rich writing?

Better than Average

Thanks to your persistence, your spec script gets a lot of attention. You get a good agent. A little buzz happens—self-promotion involved here, too—and you get meetings. You win a writing assignment. You turn it around (without missing a deadline). Writing pays your rent. Writing assignments keep you busy most of the time. Every few years, you sell a spec. You're never famous. You are happy—enjoying the journey.

Will make money writing?


It is interesting when artists—people who love what they do, like drawing, painting, designing, writing—are said to struggle because they haven't hit it big. Most people seem to scrape by with regard to money. It's not just artists. What is important is to do what you love. If you enjoy writing, do it. Enjoy. Leave “struggling” for relationships—and you'll have more grist for the mill.

Will make money writing?

Talent and Persistence Will Lead Somewhere

Talent comes by way of life's lottery. Success is surely more associated with persistence. Broaden your definition of success. Not everyone can—or ought to—write blockbusters. Persistence here applies to writing and marketing. Do both daily. If so, you will earn at least some money writing—maybe even screenwriting.

Will I get rich writing?

Best Case Scenario

You are a wunderkind. You sell the first spec script you ever write. It actually gets made into a movie and released. Audiences love it. You pitch and sell—or get new assignments—regularly. You are a millionaire. Hollywood loves you.

Will this happen for you? No one can say for sure, but the odds are against all aspiring screenwriters (even you). Who pulls this off? The cream of the cream.

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